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Biomatica is a consultancy company, established in 2010, focused on multi-biometric identification projects in large-scale bases, particularly related to civil identification projects and criminal and anti-fraud systems in financial institutions. These activities are the result of a long history of training in the field of biometric sciences. This practical experience is also embodied in the detailed working knowledge of technologies from different suppliers, both software and hardware. We developed a list of partnerships that bring together what is best and most efficient in the world with solutions to various forms of biometric recognition, either by fingerprint, face or voice.


Our mission is to help large institutions to build bridges between people and systems in harmonious, transparent and efficient way, so the users can have a pleasant and convenient experience, as institutions gains in security and reliability.


For us, biometrics is the frontier between humans and electronic digital systems. It is through biometrics that wires, processors and cables recognize “flesh and blood”. But just with its correct application is possible to combine convenience and safety.


We have as principle absolute independence and technical transparency, witch allows us to design both innovative and reliable architectures, with low maintenance costs and the long term TCO. All this under the light of business ethics, respect for individuality and privacy of users and unrestricted compliance with laws.

We have experience and had performed in the main large scale biometric projects in Brazil

Brazilian Passport

Registration of Electors of the TSE

Biometric systems of Banco ItaúBanco do BrasilCaixa Econômica Federal, Santander and Banco 24h

Sistema AFIS of Federal Police

In 2016, the Biomatica Internacional was created to share with other countries the unique experience of Brazil. Today, we are present in whole Latin America through a network of commercial and technology partners.

Who We Are

Fabrizio Vargas de Morais

Head of Business Development

Kácio Lopes


Patricio Stegmann

Head of Engeneering and Solutions

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